Sunday, December 11, 2011

IBM Cognos 10 BI Administrator Certification

This morning, I gave a test which is technically known as COG-622 but better known as IBM Cognos 10 Administrator Certification. Well, I passed and there was a lot of learning that I gained from preparing for it.

My biggest mistake was the order in which I started preparing for it. Well, if someone is trying to prepare for it, you don't need any thing other than IBM books.

Preparation Material:

1. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Installation and Configuration Guide 10.1.0

Yep, that's enough for you to score in exam. I studied books in order 2, 1, 3 which I think is kind of stupid. I should have done it like 1, 3, 2. Well, that's upto individual but if you don't have much time (like I had), that's the best way to score.

I believe 1 week (smooth learning) or 3 days (stressed learning) is enough for this exam. Still, if anyone has doubt or need help preparing for it, just comment here.

p.s. It's a 47 question MCQ exam of duration 1 hour. You could easily finish in 30 minutes ;)

update: here's what the certificate looks like, just to get you excited ;)