Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: IBM Cognos Mobile app for iPad

I didn't get to play with my hands-on IBM Cognos Mobile app on iPad however I've found a nice review of it in two parts. It's a neat and clean app which works smoothly as it should be. The reviews are positive about it and best of all, it supports offline mode. So, you can take reports/dashboards with you and jump on a flight for your meeting with customers and get all the analytics fun in flight.

It's really amazing app for CXOs and BI users who travel a lot during their course of work. You could digest all your reports and get all insights and when you arrive in your company's network again, you could connect and refresh all those.

The app from iTunes store comes with sample reports and dashboards built in it with multiple levels of sophistication to play around app completely. It's nice, really nice.

Read the two part review here
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