Thursday, January 19, 2012

64-bit mashup: Cognos on Websphere Application Server

My earlier blog post about integration of Cognos with Websphere Application Server was based on 32-bit versions. Recently, someone contacted me as they were facing problems because they had 64-bit versions of both Cognos and Websphere Application Server (WAS that we call, for short).

It was showing some CAMCrypto.dll error. I reviewed the steps they had followed (actually they followed steps from my blog-post ;) ). So, I thought of putting this little post about initial analysis.

Whenever you are trying to run Cognos over Websphere Application Service, please
  1. Make sure both are using same version of java, otherwise it will cause unacceptable behaviour.
  2. Make sure you've copied bcprod*.jar (and db2 jars, if using db2 as Content Store) into <java>/lib/ext.
  3. Double check the ports used by Websphere profile and Cognos environment in Cognos configuration.
Well, this was all correct. There's one small change for playing with 64-bit versions. In step 23, of deploying Cognos over WAS, change PATH to point to <your Cognos installation directory>\bin64 instead of <your Cognos installation directory>\bin for 32-bit versions.

64-bit versions lets your Cognos use more memory than 2Gbyte limitation of 32-bit JVM. So, that you could have more resources for your Cognos.

Let me know, if you still face issues.