Friday, January 4, 2013

Customizing error messages in IBM Cognos 10

IBM Cognos works pretty well as designed. If there's something wrong with it, it tries to help user understand the problem by throwing the error message with an optional stack trace of request and what went wrong. There are certain logging options to dig that further too.

However, sometimes it's too geeky for business users to understand the error messages. Some clients want to modify those error messages to make a better sense out of it. Some might add contact information, about who to contact in such cases to it. Well, you've multiple advantages of modifying the error codes by yourself.

IBM Cognos 10 gives you the flexibility to do so. Moreover, not only it allows your to modify error messages, it even allows you to separate them out for various languages your users might be using.

For modifying error messages, you can check out following link in product documentation of IBM Cognos 10.
Please note that XX is for language code. For ex. EN is for English, ES for Spanish etc.