Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to enable 64-bit gateway in Cognos 10.2

With IBM Cognos 10.2, IBM introduced 64-bit gateways to be more efficient. Well, this new features isn't enabled by default when you install IBM Cognos 10.2

As a result, there's a step that you would have to follow to make your gateways run in 64-bit mode.
You'll have to open command prompt on Windows operating system and terminal on Linux/UNIX system.

Navigate to <Cognos 10.2 Installation Location>\cgi-bin\ folder

On Windows, type and run

copyGateMod.bat 64bit

On Linux/UNIX, type

./ 64bit

As a result, the 64-bit gateway files are copied from the cgi-bin/lib64 directory to the cgi-bin directory.

The official IBM documentation for this is located here.